Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 26: Episode 6

00f: Tom Green / David Gray

VH-1 Storytellers

Russell Hitchcock.....Will Ferrell
Graham Russell.....Chris Kattan
Announcer.....Darrel Hammond

V/O: We now return to Air Supply on VH-1 Storytellers.

Russell Hitchcock: Hello. As we told you before when you didnít recognize us, we are Air Supply.

Graham Russell: Yeah. Iíll go ahead and mention our massive hits again. "Lost in Love", "All Out of Love", "The One That You Love". Ring any bells?

[They look around for an audience reaction and receive none]

Russell Hitchcock: Come on folks, it wouldnít kill you to clap.

Graham Russell: It doesnít take much energy, and itís just good manners.

[Audience looks extremely bored and unimpressed]

Russell Hitchcock: All right. Back in the early Ď80ís we never imagined we would go on to be one of the biggest acts ever on the adult contemporary charts.

Graham Russell: Yeah. And we never imagined that weíd be dropped off the face of the Earth so abruptly. But we did.

Russell Hitchcock: We sure did. But now weíre back. In a big way.

[Audience still looks bored and unimpressed]

Graham Russell: So hereís a new song, from our new CD entitled "Holiday Love". I think its pretty fitting for this time of year.

Together: [singing]
"It's Thanksgiving time, it's such a great day now.
Turkey and bread, and plenty of stuffing.
It's Thanksgiving time, itís a time for Jell-O
You can watch some TV, maybe have some grape Kool-Aid.

Graham Russell: "I think I dig your style."

Russell Hitchcock:
"I think I dig your style.

It's Thanksgiving time, I love your new blazer
Your sleeves are pushed up, it looks pretty awesome."

Graham Russell:
"Well, thank you, my friend. Youíre so kind to say so Your eyes are so blue, I think that I like them."

Russell Hitchcock:
"It's Thanksgiving time, letís go get a burger, Maybe some fries, and go take a car ride."

Graham Russell:
"Go to a motel, drink a gallon of brandy
Hang out in robes, and see what develops."

Together: Ooh.

Graham Russell: "I think I dig your style."

Russell Hitchcock: "I think I dig your --"

[They look at each other lovingly, then begin to make out.]

V/O: Believe me, we will not be returning to VH-1 Storytellers!


Submitted by: Ana Carr

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