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  Season 26: Episode 11

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February 10th, 2001

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez


Lorne Michaels

Tom Hanks

Andy Murphy

Jennifer's Booty
Summary: Will Ferrell gushes over Jennifer Lopez's booty, while Tracy Morgan plots to take over his impression of President George W. Bush.

Note: In spite of an XFL game running late on NBC, "Saturday Night Live" began their studio performance promptly at their usual time, though it didn't go on the air (as a tape-delay) for another 45 minutes.

Jennifer Lopez's Monologue
Summary: Jennifer Lopez tries to disclaim her diva image as hair and make-up people swarm her on stage.


Cracklin' Oat Flakes
Summary: Now laced with ecstasy!

Note: Repeat from 11/11/00.

J Lo vs. Mango
Summary: Jennifer Lopez battles Mango (Chris Kattan) for the proper Diva title.

Recurring Characters: Mango, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Shania Twain.


MTV Cribs
Summary: Gemini's Twin members Jonette (Ana Gasteyer), Britanica (Maya Rudolph) and new girl Lady Speedstick (Jennifer Lopez) show off their new tiny apartment.

Recurring Characters: Jonette, Britanica.


TV Funhouse
Summary: Rob Smigel presents "Ray of Light", his Disney-themed spin on the Ray Lewis scandal.


Jennifer Lopez performs "Play"
Also Performed: 99k.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey
Summary: Wilson the Volleyball (Will Ferrell) talks mean-spiritedly about Tom Hanks. Third-grader Rasheed Jenkins (Jerry Minor) nervously discusses Black History Month.


Fly Girls Reunion
Summary: The less-famous Fly Girls, Yonette (Jerry Minor), Spicy (Rachel Dratch), and Deronica (Tracy Morgan), reunite with former member Jennifer Lopez.

Music From The Motion Picture Valentine
Summary: Strangely named bands dominate the film's soundtrack.


Jennifer Lopez performs "Love Don't Cost A Thing"

Good Morning Bronx
Recurring Characters: Dominican Lou.

The Baby & The German Intellectual

Jeannie Darcy
Summary: Hack comic Jeannie Darcy's (Molly Shannon) stand-up routine isn't well-received at a nursing home.

Recurring Characters: Jeannie Darcy.


Wade Blasingame
Summary: Attorney Wade Blasingame (Will Ferrell) is in favor of suing dogs for being themselves.

Note: Repeat from 12/09/00.

News From the Front
Summary: Lana Thornberry (Jennifer Lopez) sings unpatriotic music to military soldiers during World War II.

Recurring Characters: Bob Hope.


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