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  Season 30: Episode 15

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March 17th, 2001

Julia Stiles



David Copperfield

Martha Stewart Living
Summary: Martha Stewart (Ana Gasteyer) presents her tips for surviving St. Patrick's Day.

Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.



Julia Stiles' Monologue
Summary: Tracy Morgan hits on Julia Stiles after finding out she danced with a black guy in "Save The Last Dance."

Bio: Prior to her starring role in "Save The Last Dance", actress Julia Stiles (1981-) played a teen seductress opposite Alec Baldwin in the Hollywood satire, "State and Main."


Summary: The pill parents take to relieve the stress of having a gay child in their household.

Note: Repeat from 02/17/01.

Wake Up, Wakefield
Summary: Classmate Samantha (Julia Stiles) tells Megan (Maya Rudolph) about the school's upcoming production of "Hair."

Recurring Characters: Megan, Sheldon, Mr. Banglion, Randy Goldman.


Jackie Gives Attitude
Summary: At the post office, rude Jackie (Maya Rudolph) gets a taste of her own medicine from an irate customer (Julia Stiles).

Recurring Characters: Jackie.

Aerosmith performs "Jaded"
Also Appeared: 89m, 93c, 96p.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey
Summary: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Darrell Hammond) comments on his campaign for Governor of California. Jimmy and Tina learn that illusionist David Copperfield controls the cue cards.

Suel Forrester Directs A Movie
Summary: No one can understand mumbly director Suel Forrestor's (Chirs Kattan) orders.

Recurring Characters: Suel Forrestor.

Summary: Foreign sisters (Rachel Dratch, Julia Stiles) clean up an office after business hours.

"The Doberman!"
Summary: Adam McKay film focuses on a man (Will Ferrell) being attacked by a doberman.

Apollo Theater Amateur Night
Summary: A white girl (Julia Stiles) is only able to find success at the Apollo Theater when she partners with a black man (Jerry Minor).

Willy Sluggs Eye Poppers
Summary: The magic of Willy Sluggs (Jerry Minor) is not really all that amazing.

Aerosmith performs "Big Ten Inch Record"

Der Lacheln Beherrscht
Summary: The German kids' show proves to be too upsetting for its young target audience.


Van Morrison St. Patrick's Day Message
Summary: Van Morrison (Jimmy Fallon) drinks Guinness while singing.


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