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  Season 29: Episode 19

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May 8th, 2004

Snoop Dogg

Avril Lavigne



Rumsfeld Resigns
Summary: When Donald Rumsfeld (Darrell Hammond) resigns, his love is missed by President George W. Bush (Will Forte) in the style of the "Friends" finale.

Recurring Characters: George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld.



Snoop Dogg's Monologue
Summary: After a flamboyant entrance, Snoop Dogg asks viewers to knock it off with the schnizzle talk.

Also Appeared: 93p

Note: Snoop Dogg was a fill-in for an unannounced host who dropped prior to the show's announcement.

Mom Jeans
Summary: The jeans with the shapely fit that says you're a mom, not a woman.

Note: Repeat from 05/10/03.

ĄShow Biz Grande Explosion!
Summary: Ferecito (Fred Armisen) teaches Snoop Dogg how to do jokes.

Recurring Characters: Ferecito, Manuel Pantalones.


Rapper Face-Off
Summary: Wheelchair-bound rapper (Snoop Dogg) elicits sympathy during a rap showdown.

Scheinwald Studios
Summary: Much to Brad Scheinwald's (Seth Meyers) chagrin, Grandpa Abe (Rachel Dratch) is eager to produce Snoop Dogg's "Booty Hotel" movie.

Recurring Characters: Brad Scheinwald, Abe Scheinwald.


ABC Fall Promo
Summary: Gross makeover shows will dominate the Fall schedule on ABC.

Snoop Misses "Friends"
Summary: Snoop Dogg's homeys (Finesse Mitchell, Kenan Thompson) don't share his love for the "Friends" sitcom.

Avril Lavigne performs "Don't Tell Me"
Also Appeared: 02i.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey
Summary: Lynndie England (Rachel Dratch) is Weekend Update's "Dirtbag of the Week." Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) thinks he'll end up taking the blame for the Iraqi prisoner scandal instead of President Bush. Jimmy Fallon looks back on his musical performances at the desk over the past few decades.

Recurring Characters: Jorge Rodriguez.


Appalachian Emergency Room
Summary: Still more medical mishaps among the trailer trash society.

Recurring Characters: Receptionist, Percy Bo Dance, Netti Bo Dance, Tyler.

TV Funhouse
Summary: Rob Smigel's "Pothead Theater" lets potheads choose what they can see on television.


Duster's Digest
Summary: The magazine that stays focused on the lifestyles of PCP users.

Avril Lavigne performs "My Happy Ending"

Snoop's Mother's Day Message
Summary: Snoop Dogg reflects on coming out of his mother's womb with a poem.



Dress Rehearsal Cuts

Zings vs. Snaps
Summary: Dave Clinger (Seth Meyers) and a fellow brain surgeon (Snoop Dogg) trade insult.

Recurring Characters: Dave Clinger.

Note: This sketch is revised for next season's Queen Latifah episode.

E! True Hollywood Story
Summary: The true story about Ike (Snoop Dogg) and Tina Turner (Maya Rudolph).

Recurring Characters: Ike Turner, Tina Turner.

The Blow Off
Summary: Will Forte is the undisputed whistling champion, until Snoop Dogg arrives.

Da Apprentice
Summary: Snoop Dogg stars in the gangster version of "The Apprentice."

"The Adventures Of Harold"
Summary: T. Sean Shannon film follows the adventures of a 12-year old bald boy at school.

Note: This film finally appears on the next episode, hosted by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.

Bush in One
Summary: A shirtless President George W. Bush (Will Forte) discusses the Arabs.

Recurring Characters: President George W. Bush.

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