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  Season 29: Episode 19

03s: Snoop Dogg / Avril Lavigne

Snoop's Mother's Day Message

... Snoop Dogg

[Card, illustrated with a flower, reads: Mother's Day MESSAGE FROM SNOOP DOGG]

Don Pardo V/O: [reverent] And now a Mother's Day message from Snoop Dogg.

[Dissolve to and slowly zoom in on actor-rapper Snoop Dogg seated at Home Base in a huge wicker chair, surrounded by huge arrangements of flowers. He wears an amber-brown fedora hat and a creamy pink suit and holds a long-stemmed red rose as he addresses the camera in a gentle, cadenced voice. Mellow piano music plays underneath.]

Snoop Dogg: Mom, you're my number one girl, a soft place to fall.
When the world has betrayed me, you're the first one I call.

I'm your little peanut ... my devotion is true.
And I know that you love me - 'cause I came out of you.

You huffed and you puffed and you pushed the Snoop out.
And, for all that pushin', I'll give you a shout out.

'Cause I'm a tall ass mo-fo and even back then,
When I was a baby, I was, like, four foot ten.

And because I was skinny, so tall and so lean,
It was like you delivered a giant string bean.

So thank you for lettin' me come out o' you.
Why don't you go make your baby some Dinty Moore stew?

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.

And to all the moms out there:

[winks] What up, ladies? You lookin' real good.

[Snoop smiles and spreads his arms quizzically as we zoom back out. The crowd responds warmly. Dissolve to a stylish bumper photo of an elegant Snoop, head bowed, as he touches the brim of his black hat, a white coat draped over his shoulders.]

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