Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 31: Episode 18

05r: Julia Louis-Dreyfus / Paul Simon


.....Julia Louis-Dreyfus

[ return from commercial on a bumper of playful twin Julia Louis Dreyfus images ]

[ piano notes fade as screen dissolves to still shot of cameraman Al Camoin waving, with text: "Al Camoin 1928-2006" and five seconds of silence ]

[ fade back on Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the cast at Home Base ]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Thanks to Paul Simon. To Al Gore. To Jason Alexander - to Jerry Seinfeld. To this wonderful, unbelievable cast. "Saturday Night Live!" To the incredible writers! To Lorne Michaels! I am not waiting another 21 years to come back, I'll tell you that much! It's really fun! Thank you so much!

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