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  Season 32: Episode 2

06b: Jaime Pressley / Corinne Bailey Rae

A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger From 1982

Out-of-Breath Jogger.....Andy Samberg

Don Pardo: And now, a moment with The out-of-breath jogger from 1982!

[FADE to the jogger doing stretches in front of a slide of a wooded highway. He wears a headband, navy blue short-shorts and a T-shirt which reads "Let's Get Physical."]

Jogger: [panting] Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, man! This recession is the worst, huh? Ohhhh! Whooooooo! Gorbachev really has Reagan against the ropes! Oh, man! [stretches and bends over away from camera] Uhhhhhhh... uhhhhhhh... I'm so tired! I feel like the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals must have felt... right after they won the World Series this year! Uhhhhhh... oh, man! Pet rock! Ohhhhhhhhhh... [panting] Can't get wait... can't wait to get... one of those new Atari's... and play... 1982! [jogging off] WHOOOOOO!!!

[Hold on the park slide for a moment, then FADE OUT.]

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