Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 33: Episode 10

07j: Ashton Kutcher / Gnarls Barkley

Death By Chocolate

Chocolate Bar.....Ashton Kutcher

[ open on exterior, alley, as Homeless Bum digs in a dumpster ]

[ in the background, a Chocolate Bar saunters past the alley, then stops when he spies the homeless bum in the foreground and begins to casually strut toward him ]

[ the Chocolate Bar moves closer and peers over the homeless bum's shoulder unnoticed ]

[ the Chocolate Bar turns around, smiles, then raises a knife ]

[ the Chocolate Bar suddenly stabs the homeless bum in the back several times, until he fells him to the grass ]

[ the Chocolate Bar quickly throws the knife into the distance, then turns around and runs off ]

Jingle: "La la la, la-la-la-la, la la! Death By Chocolate!"

[ fade ]

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