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  Season 34: Episode 4

08d: Anne Hathaway / The Killers

I'm Not Gay

Marcus.....Jason Sudeikis
Amber.....Anne Hathaway
Jerome.....Bill Hader

[ open on exterior, apartment building ]

[ dissolve to interior, apartment, as a Man enters from the bedroom carrying a box and approaches his female roommate, who has been packing a separate box ]

Amber: That's it from the bedroom.

Marcus: Mmm-hmm!

Amber: [ sorrowful ] I can't believe I'm really moving out.

Marcus: [ with a lisp ] It's been an amazing five years! And I will cherisss... every moment!

Amber: Hmm... it seems like only yesterday I responded to your ad on Craigslist.

Marcus: Oh! you know, I only use use Craiglist to find anonymous male partners -- who knew I'd find... a best friend, too?

Amber: [ she laughs ] And, if I remember correctly, a few anonymous male partners! [ she playfully pokes his stomach ]

Marcus: Weelllllll...!

[ she laughs, as Jerome swaggers into the apartment ]

Jerome: Well! I'm glad SOMEONE's having a good time, while I'm doing all the heavy lifting!

Marcus: Sorry, Sweetie!

Amber: Sorry, Jerome. [ she lifts her box ] These are the last two -- I promise!

Jerome: Fine. Say your goodbyes, but you'd better not make my man cry.

[ Marcus and Jerome kiss on the lips, then Jerome exits with the two boxes, receiving a playful pat on the ass as he departs ]

Marcus: Well... [ he takes her hands ] I guess this is it! [ he fends back a tear ] I am going to miss you!

Amber: Ohhhh, Marcus... [ she hugs him ] Marcus.

[ Marcus stares into her eyes for a moment, then forcily leans in to kiss her on the lips ]

Amber: Marcus!! Marcus!! [ she laughs uncomfortably ] What are you doing?

Marcus: Come on, one kiss!

Amber: Whoa, whoa, Marcus -- you're GAY! Stop!

Marcus: [ a beat ] Actually... I'm not! [ he laughs ]

Amber: What? But..? Oh... yeah! Right! Like I'm gonna believe that! Mister "I Know Every single Song in "A Chorus Line" -- I Have A Boyfriend!" I mean, come on -- look, even the way you talk!

Marcus: It's not how I really talk.

Amber: What?

Marcus: [ in a deeper voice ] It's not how I really talk!

Amber: [ stunned, she backs away ] Oh, my God!

Marcus: [ laughing ] I know, I know -- BUS-TED!! I know!

Amber: [ uneasily, as she fingers her hair ] What else have you lied about?

Marcus: Ummmm -- well, I'm not really a hairstylist. [ she gasps ] Yeah.

Amber: But you cut my hair!

Marcus: Yeah, I got really lucky with that! [ he mimes using scissors ] Yeah, you know -- I just kinda got good at it! It's not too hard, actually. [ he chuckles ]

Amber: So... wait! When we would dance --

Marcus: Yeah?

Amber: And you would get erections --

Marcus: Right, right... That was NOT because of a disease -- I made that up.

Amber: But... according to Wikipedia, bonerplasia afflicts --

Marcus: No, no -- I know! I know! No, I wrote that page! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's why it's so conversational in tone, and... your name's in it.

Amber: But I've... walked in on you... having sex with... dozens of men...

Marcus: Yeah! You gotta sell it. You gotta sell it! If you're gonna lie to someone, for five years, you GOTS to sell it!

Amber: Oh, my God! Does Jerome know?!

Marcus: Uh -- well --

[ Jerome re-enters the apartment ]

Jerome: Ooh, well, I'm off to rehearse with my Village People cover band.

Marcus: Yeah, I, uh -- I told her I wasn't gay, Jerry.

Jerome: [ slumps his shoulders in defeat ] Oh. Well, that's cool. I'm gonna split, dude.

Marcus: [ low-fives him ] Alright, bro. [ they hug in as heterosexual manner as they can ] Where are you headed off to?

Jerome: I'm gonna go rehearse with my Village People cover band.

Marcus: Oh, right! Right!

[ Jerome exits the apartment in a dejected manner ]

Marcus: Good -- good friend.

Amber: Sooooo... you pretended to be gay --

Marcus: Yeah.

Amber: For five years --

Marcus: Yes!

Amber: In the hopes that someday we would kiss?

Marcus: [ mulls it over ] Yeah, when you say it like that, it's not a great plan, is it? [ he laughs in spite of himself, as she retreats away ] Oh, come on! Come on! Okay, okay! Stop, stop! [ she stops ] Don't you get it, amber? I mean, don't you see? Being your gay friend was -- I don't know -- the only way I had a CHANCE with you! And, even though I -- I don't know -- nothing ever happened between us, and I had to sleep with somewhere between... thirty or forty dudes... I, uh -- yeah. I regret NOTHING! [ she looks at him, almost sympathetic ] Well, maybe thirty of forty things...

[ she turns away, disgusted ]

Marcus: [ singing, as the lights dim ]
"Kiss today goodbyyyyyye!
The sweetness... and the sorroooooowww!
Wish me luck -- the same, to yooooooouuuuu!
But I can't regret, what I did for loooooove!"

Together: [ singing ] "What I did, fooooorrrr, looooovvvvvvvveeee!!"

[ the lights come back on ]

Amber: [ smiling ] I don't regret anything, either!

Marcus: [ nodding ] It might have been closer to fifty -- fifty dudes, I think, actually...

[ they both shrug away the concern and hug joyously ]

[ fade ]

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