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 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 34: Episode 16

08p: Alec Baldwin / Jonas Brothers

Alec Baldwin's Acting Techniques for Actors

.....Alec Baldwin
Boy.....Andy Samberg
Mr. Grimes.....Kenan Thompson
Man.....Jason Sudeikis
Woman.....Kristen Wiig
Father.....Fred Armisen
Son.....Will Forte
Businessman.....Bill Hader

Alec Baldwin: Hi. I'm award-winning actor Alec Baldwin. If you're like me, you know there's nothing more moving in a film than seeing a character cough once, very subtly, to let you know that later on in that movie... they're going to die. As an actor, I can tell you that playing these scenes isn't as easy as it looks. That's why Volume 72 of my DVD series, "Alec Baldwin's Acting Techniques for Actors" is:

[ he holds up the box, which cuts to a separate product shot ]

Alec Baldwin V/O: "First Coughs: Mastering the Art of Foreshadowing Your Character's Death".

[ cut back to Baldwin ]

Alec Baldwin: You'll learn such techniques as: "I'm not even going to acknowledge it."

[ dissolve to movie scene: two men in a workshop ]

Mr. Grimes: And that, my friend, is how you put a ship inside a bottle.

Boy: Wow, Mr. Grimes. That is kicking!

Mr. Grimes: Nothing to it at all, son. Now go get washed up and, when you come back, I'll play you some real music. It's called jazz. [ he coughs quietly into his hand ]

Boy: Mr. Grimes?

Mr. Grimes: Hurry up, now! I don't have all day!

[ dissolve back to Baldwin ]

Alec Baldwin: And the audience's favorite: "It's nothing, it's just a cold."

[ dissolve to movie scene: Fall proposal ]

Man: Will you marry me?

Woman: [ excited ] Oh, Brice! I don't know what to say!

Man: Say yes.

Woman: Yes! [ she coughs into her hand ]

Man: You okay?

Woman: It's nothing. It's just a cold. [ quickly ] Beat you down to the lake!

Man: Okay!

[ they run off ]

[ dissolve back to Baldwin ]

Alec Baldwin: And, of course, the classic: "I don't need any damn doctors."

[ dissolve to movie scene: father and son ]

Son: You don't even want to meet your own grandson?

Father: I just want to be left alone! [ he coughs into his hand ]

Son: You should get that checked out.

Father: I don't need any damn doctors!

[ dissolve back to Baldwin ]

Alec Baldwin: Spoiler alert: He needs a damn doctor. Once you master those techniques, you can move on to more advanced coughs like the technically demanding, "Cough into a handkerchief, notice that there's blood on it, look around nervously, then quickly shove it back in your pocket and hurry on your way."

[ dissolve to movie scene: businessman in office ]

[ Businessman coughs into a handkerchief, then performs Baldwin's proven technique ]

[ dissolve back to Baldwin ]

Alec Baldwin: So what are you waiting for? Take your acting career to the next level with "First coughs."

[ Baldwin coughs, as the product appears on screen with a $0 price tag ]

Alec Baldwin V/O: It's nothing. It's just a cold. Order now.

[ fade ]

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