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  Season 35: Episode 7

09g: Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Dave Matthews Band

An SNL Digital Short

.....Andy Samberg
"Reba McEntire".....Kenan Thompson

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Oh! It's been a long time coming.
Two of the world's greatest.
America's sweetheart, Ms. Reba McEntire."

"Reba McEntire: [ singing ]
"Yeah, yeah.
How ya doiní Andy?"

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Weíre about to take it to the top.
Hit 'em, Reba!"

"Reba McEntire: [ singing ]
"Haters in my face trying to keep me down
But you know we keep on shinin'."

Andy Samberg: Here we go!

"Reba McEntire: [ singing ]
"Two crazy big stars from opposite worlds
'bout to set this track on fire."

Andy Samberg: Yeah!

"She's the queen of country"

"Reba McEntire: [ singing ]
"He's the comedy prince
Making something out of nothing."

Andy Samberg: Ha ha!

"We hooked up in the studio to make this song."

"Reba McEntire: [ singing ]
But as usual, we ended up f--king.

Andy Samberg: No doubt!

"Flash back to when I first met Reba
Sitcom dressing room, puffing on Cheeba.
Said I was a fan, she said, "Prove it."
Dropped her denim skirt and said, "hop to it!"

Made love all night!

"Reba McEntire: More like we f--kin'!

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Kids banging on the door, trying to interrupt
But them autographs can wait, 'cuz this is way too strong
I canít leave it alone, because her pussyís the bomb!"

"Reba McEntire: [ singing ]
"'Well my pussy is the bomb and that's a fact
But these N-words keep on trippin'."

Andy Samberg: Okay!

"Reba McEntire": [ singing ]
"So I stay on my prime and drop these hits
'Cuz I canít go back to strippin'.
Iím Reba!"

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Youíre my undercover freak!"

"Reba McEntire": [ singing ]
"And you're my best friend, but our families donít approve."

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
That's right, 'cuz Iím a city boy.

"Reba McEntire": [ singing ]
"And I'm a country girl And I'll never leave your sweet balls blue."

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
'That's because a girl like Rebaís got just what I need
With big broad shoulders and a red-ass weave."

"Reba McEntire": And a penis.

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Hot damn, she fly.
All she wanna do is bump me
Iím a lucky guy."

"Reba McEntire": Iím a guy, too.

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"My friends think I should dump her
They say sheís a man who found a wig in a dumpster."

"Reba McEntire": Your friends are smart.

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Nah, Rebes, they're just jealous
'Cuz Iím dating a star instead of hanging with the fellas."

"Reba McEntire": Hanging like my nuts.

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"Word up, theyíre just liars.
They canít believe I can pull Reba McEntire."

"Reba McEntire": [ singing ]
"Ever since I came out of my mamaís butt
I knew I was destined for greatness.
I looked in a dumpster and saw a wig
And thought, "Hey brother, I'm gonna take this."

Andy Samberg: Tell 'em, Reba!

"Reba McEntire": [ singing ]
"So I put it right on and took a stroll
Right over to 30 Rock."

Andy Samberg: SNL!

"Reba McEntire": [ singing ]
"I saw Andy Samberg and he thought I was Reba
And I made him suck my dirty c-ck."

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"So there you have it
Two worlds collide
Weíre the new Bonnie and Clyde."

"Reba McEntire": Reba!

Andy Samberg: [ singing ]
"From haystacks to maybacks, our love will survive
For Reba Iíll ride 'til the day that we die."

"Reba McEntire": I'm Reba!

[ fade ]

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