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  Season 35: Episode 13

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January 30th, 2010

Jon Hamm

Michael Buble


Sharon Jones

Bryan Tucker

Michael Patrick O'Brien

State of the Union 2010
Summary: President Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) enjoys standing ovations from his fellow Democrats while delivering his State of the Union Address.

Recurring Characters: President Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Nancy Pelosi.



Jon Hamm's Monologue
Summary: Jon Hamm's pre-"Mad Men" filmography featured his Don Draper character on a teen comedy, QVC, and "Def Comedy Jam".


1920's Party
Summary: In 1928 New York City, Lilia (Kristen Wiig) tries to hold herself back from singing at her own birthday party.

An SNL Digital Short
Summary: A homeless Indian (Fred Armisen) puts "The Curse" of Sergio (Jon Hamm) upon a businessman (Andy Samberg) who carelessly steps on his sacred talisman.


New Senator
Summary: Sen. Harry Reid (Will Forte) tries to outline a serious political strategy while Barbara Boxer (Nasim Pedrad), Nancy Pelosi (Kristen Wiig), Barney Frank (Fred Armisen), and Robert Byrd (Bill Hader) fantasize about Republican senator Scott Brown (Jon Hamm).

Recurring Characters: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Robert Byrd.


Michael Buble performs "Haven't Met You Yet"

Weekend Update with Seth Meyers
Summary: Sonia Sotomayor (Nasim Pedrad). Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (Bobby Moynihan).

Recurring Characters: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Mike "The Situation".

Game Time with Randy and Greg
Summary: Randy Dukes (Kenan Thompson) insists that co-host Greg (Bill Hader) is not an alien, even as he spawns multiple Greg clones (Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Bryan Tucker, Michael Patrick O'Brien).

Recurring Characters: Randy Dukes, Greg.


Hamm & Buble
Summary: Jon Hamm has forced Michael Buble to mispronounce his own name and partner with him in a vanity ham and champagne restaurant venture.


Closet Organizer
Summary: Throw all of your loose closet items at the Closet Organizer guy (Will Forte) and he'll keep your closet straight for you.


Summary: Stenopgrapher Linda Naig (Fred Armisen) insists on being disruptive and looking for her crackers in the middle of an important trial.

Michael Buble and Sharon Jones perform "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)"

Summary: Resdin Bonure (Jon Hamm) meets the Closet Organizer guy, Tarkey Fensington (Will Forte) in a bar.


American Enterprise
Summary: William Barnes (Bill Hader) and G. Clifford Noble (Jon Hamm) decide to start a business so that homeless people will have a place to go to the bathroom.



Dress Rehearsal Cuts

Who's the Host?
Summary: Game show contestants must guess who the host is in order to win big prizes.

Mel Gibson Trailer
Summary: Coming soon: Another generic Mel Gibson film!

Apple iPad
Summary: Steve Jobs (Fred Armisen) introduces a new iPad feature that lets users e-mail animal sounds to one another.

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