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  Season 36: Episode 2

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October 2nd, 2010

Bryan Cranston

Kanye West


Morgan Freeman

Ernest Borgnine

Pusha T


Summary: After announcing his resignation, Rahm Emanuel (Andy Samberg) tells successor Peter Rouse (Bobby Moynihan) that he'll have to be tough to survive in Washington, D.C.

Recurring Characters: President Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel.



Bryan Cranston's Monologue
Summary: Bryan Cranston tries to build name recognition with a lavish song-and-dance number with back-up performers who don't recognize him.

Pepto-Bismol Ice
Summary: The upset stomach reliever that won't interrupt a night of wreckless drinking and partying.

Note: This filmed piece was cut from last week's episode.


The Miley Cyrus Show
Summary: Miley Cyrus (Vanessa Bayer) hosts a talk show and interviews Johnny Depp (Paul Brittain).


What Up With That?
Summary: Diondre Cole (Kenan Thompson) interrupts guests Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine, and Lindsey Buckingham (Bill Hader) so he can continue singing his theme song.

Recurring Characters: Diondre Cole, Lindsey Buckingham.

Sexy Shana
Summary: Basketball team (Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam) is enamored by Shana (Kristen Wiig) until she goes overboard with her sexy-gross cheering techniques.

Recurring Characters: Shana.

An SNL Digital Short
Summary: A man's (Andy Samberg) attempts to dial 911 and thwart a home break-in result in a massive ticket order to see "Rescue Dogs 3D".


Kanye West performs "Power"

Weekend Update with Seth Meyers
Summary: Anthony Crispino (Bobby Moynihan) delivers erronous secondhand news, Cathy (Andy Samberg) ends her strip's 34-year run.

Recurring Characters: Anthony Crispino, Cathy.

Kid Smartz
Summary: In a classic game show rebroadcast from 1972, emcee Bobby Poth (Bryan Cranston) enjoys kissing his underaged child contestants (Vanessa Bayer, Abby Elliott, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson).

The Bjelland Brothers
Summary: Minnesota brothers Jeffrey (Bryan Cranston) and Dan Bjelland (Fred Armisen) perform their bottom-of-the-chart song "Bottle of Sparkling Apple Juice" over and over in concert to a sparsely-populated local crowd.


Kanye West performs "Runaway"

Summary: Ex-Green Beret Dad (Bryan Cranston) beats would-be mural artist and fifth-grader Henry (Nasim Pedrad) up in order to teach his weakling son how to fight.


I-Sleep Pro
Summary: Business traveler (Kenan Thompson) is unable to fall asleep unless he can drift off to the sounds of familiar "black noise".



Dress Rehearsal Cuts

CNN's Got Talent
Summary: CNN reporters display their skills in a no-holds-barred talent competition.

Summary: A director (Jason Sudeikis) is unconvinced by an actor's (Fred Armisen) death by gunshot while filming a scene.

Frederick from Zurich
Summary: Frederick (Paul Brittain) runs over his wife's (Nasim Pedrad) cat for the third time.

American America: I Hippie
Summary: In a cartoon by Dana Carvey, a hippie talks about the good old days.

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