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  Season 1: Episode 11

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January 24th, 1976

Peter Cook

Dudley Moore

Neil Sedaka

The Muppets


George Coe

Neil Levy

Tom Schiller

Paul Shaffer

Alan Zweibel

Bomb Squad
Summary: A bomb squad expert (Chevy Chase) gets hit in the face with a cream pie while attmepting to deactivate a bomb.

Note: The actor hidden under the box accidentally misses Chevy Chase's face when he "activates" the bomb. Chevy and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore will perform a Take Two at the end of the show during the Goodnights.



Peter Cook & Dudley Moore's Monologue
Summary: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore perform their popular BBC sketch, "One Leg Too Few," with Cook as the casting agent who interviews Moore as a one-legged man auditioning for the role of Tarzan.

Bio: Comedian Peter Cook (1937-95) first worked with Dudley Moore on the British stage show, "Beyond the Fringe", then later partnered together on the BBC series "Not Only... But Also." They also starred in the 1967 comedy film, "Bedazzled."

Bio: Short, club-footed actor Dudley Moore (1935-2002) moved to Hollywood in the late 1970's, where a played a supporting role in "Foul Play" and later headlined the films "10" and "Arthur."

Also Appeared: 85h


Lifer Follies
Summary: Auditions are held for a jailhouse production of "Gigi".

Recurring Characters: Steve Bushakis.

Note: John Belushi's Steve Bushakis character shows up randomly in a handful of sketches during Belushi's tenure at Saturday Night Live. The character, who has no gimmick to his appearances, is named after a childhood friend of Belushi's in Chicago.


Neil Sedaka performs "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
Bio: A popular singer/songwriter during the late 50's/early 60's, Neil Sedaka (1939-) returned to the pop charts in 1976 with an updated ballad version of his 1962 hit, "Breaking Up is Hard to Do."

Don Pardo's Holiday In An Elevator
Summary: Take a low-cost vacation in an elevator this year. Another exciting destination lurks behind the door of each floor.


Weekend Update with Chevy Chase
Summary: Chevy Chase's wrong number reaches Angela's roommate Jane Curtin instead of Angola prison. Laraine Newman seeks opinions on abortion in Times Square. Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) questions the fuss about "saving Soviet jewelry". With help from a showering Alan Zweibel, Chevy repeats the top story for wet people.

Recurring Characters: Emily Litella.


Middle-American Van Lines
Summary: Used to move people, not their possessions.

Note: Repeat from 10/25/75

Table Talk
Summary: Dudley Moore interviews the owner (Peter Cook) of The Frog and Peach Restaurant.

"The Paramount Novelty Store"
Summary: Gary Weis' short film chronicles novelty store owner who has to explain the joke of each item in his inventory.

British Sonny & Cher sing "I Got You Babe"
Summary: The British version of Sonny (Dudley Moore) & Cher (Peter Cook) trade barbs.

The Muppets
Summary: Gilda Radner explains to a bee-clad Scred (Jerry Nelson) that The Muppets have been cut from tonight's show, but lets him introduce Neil Sedaka.


Neil Sedaka performs "Lonely Night"

Backstage Banter
Summary: Jane Curtin interviews male impersonator Sheila Ellington (John Belushi).


Summary: Husband (Chevy Chase) & wife (Jaqueline Carlin) don't use products to be attractive.

Note: Repeat from 11/08/75.

Organ Harvesting
Summary: A team of doctors (Dudley Moore, Tom Schiller, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd) ignore the fact that their patient (Garrett Morris) is alive before removing his vital organs.


Shephard Interview
Summary: A shephard (Peter Cook) tells Matthew (Dudley Moore) about his experience seeing the Baby Jesus.

Note: Chevy Chase and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore perform a Take Two of the ending of the Bomb Squad sketch from the beginning of the show.


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