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  Season 2: Episode 13

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January 29th, 1977

Fran Tarkenton

Leo Sayer

Donny Harper Singers



Tom Davis

Al Franken

Jim Downey

Howard Shore

Tom Schiller

Anne Beatts

Rosie Shuster

Marilyn Suzanne Miller

Alan Zweibel

Neil Levy

Joe Dicso

Mitchell Laurance

Edie Baskin

Team Saturday Night
Summary: A recuperating John Belushi coaches Fran Tarkenton and the cast on the play-by-play strategy for tonight's show.



Fran Tarkenton's Monologue
Summary: Fran Tarkenton sings "Feelings", as Lee Whitehead (Bill Murray) provides the running commentary on the action.


Rovco's Swiss Army Gun
Summary: Rovco's pitchman (Dan Aykroyd) shows multiple purposes of their new combat tool.

Amy Carter In School
Summary: Secret Service agents (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd) help Amy Carter (Laraine Newman) cheat on a school quiz and deal with tattletale schoolmate (Gilda Radner).

Recurring Characters: Amy Carter.


Sports Injury
Summary: Coach John Belushi criticizes a fumble made by a player (Dan Aykroyd) who lost his arm during the tackle.


Leo Sayer performs "When I Need You"

Black Perspective
Summary: Fran Tarkenton discusses the stereotype of black quarterbacks with Garrett Morris.


Alsatian Restaurant
Summary: A couple (Bill Murray, Jane Curtin) enjoy their dinner date at an exclusive home restaurant run by Victor (Dan Aykroyd), his wife Elena (Gilda Radner), and their daughter Francine (Laraine Newman). Tonight's menu comes served with a side of domestic strife.


Sugar-Coated Anabolic Steroids
Summary: The cereal that provides Fran Tarkenton with the strength he needs.


Weekend Update with Jane Curtin
Summary: Infuriated by comparisons to Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin rips her blouse open to expose her bra. Silent film footage documents testing of a new cruise missile.


Community Appeal
Summary: Fran Tarkenton thanks viewers for the donations that have helped put a drugged-up John Belushi back to work.


Hotel Sketch
Summary: Fran Tarkenton calls time-out during a hotel sketch to confer with coach John Belushi as to how best to get Laraine Newman's character into bed.


Grand Stand
Summary: At halftime, Lee Whitehead (Bill Murray) and Bryant Gumbo (Garrett Morris) interview Fran Tarkenton about his hosting performance so far.


Leo Sayer performs "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"

Small Worlds
Summary: In a film by Gary Weis, natural habitats are duplicated in a pet store.

French Liquid
Summary: A line of women in pursuit of the same perfume smell different from one another after using it.


Donny Harper Singers perform "Sing a Song"

Credit Card Counseling
Summary: Rhonda Weiss (Gilda Radner) and her friend Barbara (Jane curtin) one-up one another while discussing Rhonda's credit card bill.

Recurring Characters: Rhonda Weiss, Barbara.



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