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  Season 2: Episode 14

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February 26th, 1977

Steve Martin

The Kinks

Lily Tomlin

Buster Holmes

Cheryl Hardwick

Joe Dicso

Howard Shore

Anne Beatts

Tom Davis

Jim Downey

Al Franken

Mitchell Laurance

Marilyn Suzanne Miller

Michael O'Donoghue

Tom Schiller

Rosie Shuster

Alan Zwiebel

Steve's Head Trip
Summary: The cast is dismayed to learn that Steve Martin has let his recent success go to his head.



Steve Martin's Monologue
Summary: During his stand-up routine, Steve Martin gets happy feet and describes "getting small."


The Coneheads At Home
Summary: An IRS agent (Steve Martin) questions the Coneheads about their tax returns.

Recurring Characters: Beldar Conehead, Prymaat Conehead, Connie Conehead.


Garrett Morris sings "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt"

Celebrity Weightlifting
Summary: Jackie Onassis (Gilda Radner) is no match for Russian chanpion, Vasselai Alexev (John Belushi).

Recurring Characters: Jackie Onassis.


The Kinks perform a medley of their hits
Summary: A medley consisting of "You Really Got Me Going", "All Day And All of the Night", "Well-Respected Man", and "Lola" medley

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin
Summary: Laraine Newman reports from a dangerous military aircraft.


Dr. Breadloaf's Quick-Loss Diet Book
Summary: Dr. Breadloaf (Gilda Radner) eats the pages of her book for quick nourishment.


Broadway Baby

Pull The Plug
Summary: A doctor (Steve Martin) advises that parents (Bill Murray, Jane Belushi) pull the plug on their comatose son (John Belushi).


Buster Holmes' Restaurant
Summary: Buster Holmes shows off his New Orleans restaurant.

Hollywood Bingo
Summary: The introduction of a full card of celebrity guests takes up the game show's full running time.

Recurring Characters: Farrah Fawcett, Vincent Price, Robert Blake, Sammy Davis, Jr., Sandy Duncan, Charo.


From The Big Orange To The Big Apple
Summary: Lily Tomlin takes her characters to New York City.

Roots II
Summary: More oppressed ancestors of Alex Haley (Garrett Morris).


The Kinks performs "Sleepwalker"

Singles Bar
Summary: At a singles bar, a man (Steve Martin) and a woman (Gilda Radner) learn they share odd traits.



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