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  Season 3: Episode 11

77k: Robert Klein / Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt & Robert Klein perform "Give It Up or Let Me Go"

.....Bonnie Raitt
.....Robert Klein

Robert Klein: Ladies and gentlemen -- once again, Bonnie Raitt!

[ Klein appears in Raitt's band playing harmonica ]

Bonnie Raitt: [ singing ]
"Well, I told you, pretty baby, such a long time ago
If I found you with another, gonna walk right out the door
You might think I'm crazy, one thing you've got to know
But if you want me to love you
You got to give it up or let me go.

I know it's useless to be jealous, I couldn't tire you if I tried
Thinking of you messing behind my back
It brings a pain I can't hide.
And if I can make that sacrifice, you can damn well make it, too.

Well, you come home drunk and nasty, you don't tell me where you've been
Just when things are going nice and sweet, you slip on out again.
Well, baby, why do you have to mess up a good thing?
I'll have to find myself another man, one that can blow anything."

[ piano solo ]

[ SCROLL: "NBC Special Report -- Hordes of atomically mutated lobsters are descending upon the New York area... Combined military forces unable to halt their advance... Death toll estimated in the millions ...More details as they occur ..." ]

Bonnie Raitt: [ singing ]
"But I told you, baby, a long time ago
If I caught you with another, I'm out your door.
One thing you got to know
Honey, if you want me to love you
Give it up or let me go.

Give it up, sucker!"

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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