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  Season 4: Episode 14

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March 10th, 1979

Gary Busey

Eubie Blake

Gregory Hines


Rick Danko

Paul Butterfield

Rosie Shuster

Jim Downey

Alan Zweibel

Brian Doyle-Murray

Al Franken

Tom Davis

Paul Shaffer

Summary: John Belushi expresses his sore feelings about Gary Busey receiving an Oscar nomination for "The Buddy Holly Story".


Gary Busey's Monologue
Summary: Gary Busey uses his body as a set of drums.

The Carters In Israel
Summary: Lillian Carter (Gilda Radner) forces President Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd) to bring his beer-guzzling brother Billy (Gary Busey) with him on a trip to Israel.

Recurring Characters: President Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter, Lillian Carter.


Eubie Blake & Gregory Hines perform "Low Down Blues", "I'm Just Simply Full Of Jazz", & "I'm Just Wild About Harry"

Women's Problems
Summary: A panel of chauvinist men give their biased opinions of women.


Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill Murray
Summary: Bill Murray interviews Mr. Ed's grief-stricken widow, who is unable to keep herself still in the outer halls of Studio 8H.


Unsung Heroes Of Rock 'N Roll
Summary: While performing at a sock hop, rock 'n rollers Sonny Dacey (Gary Busey) and the Firecrackers try to liven things up despite opposition from the uptight principal (Dan Aykroyd) and clueless school teacher (Jane Curtin).

Schiller's Reel
Summary: In "Perchance to Dream", Honker (Bill Murray) dreams of performing Shakespeare.

Recurring Characters: Honker.

Slop Jockey
Summary: A slop jockey (Gary Busey) comes to southern family's home to jump in their cesspool.

Gary Busey, with Rick Danko & Paul Butterfield, performs "Stay All Night"


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