Tom Clay.....Harry Shearer

Tom Clay voiceover: Prices are going out of sight - inflation is everywhere, and there's nothing you can do about it. Oh, yeah? Says who?

Tom Clay: Hi! Tom Clay, for Saveco, America's number one chain of recalled-products discount centers. Hey, nobody likes to pay retail, or even wholesale, prices. That's why there's Saveco. Let me tell you what we do - every time the Federal government orders a product recalled - we buy it! No, not one or two at a time. Not even by the dozen. In carload lots! Then, we sell these brand-new products. Microwave ovens that barely excede radiation-leakage standards, even children's pajamas completely fireproof with a possible carcinogen - we sell them all! At a fraction of the original price. And with it, as always, the famous Saveco guarantee - if you can find the same product advertised at or near the original price, we'll get a tempory junction against the other store.

If they made it wrong, the prce is right! At Saveco!

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