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  Season 5: Episode 10

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February 9th, 1980

Chevy Chase

Marianne Faithfull

Tom Scott


Bert Convy

Anne Beatts

Tom Gammill

Sarah Paley

Max Pross

Rosie Shuster

Akira Yoshimura

Rancho Houso
Summary: Henry Kissinger (Al Franken) wants to convince Gerald Ford (Chevy Chase) to run for President again, if only they can agree whether to meet at the top or the bottom of the stairs.

Recurring Characters: Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, Henry Kissinger.



Chevy Chase's Monologue
Summary: Chevy Chase has patched his feud with Bill Murray, and the two sing various odd duets.


Pre-Chew Charlie's
Summary: Those who can't chew their own food are going to get spoiled by the staff services of Pre-Chew Charlie's (Bill Murray).

The Bel Airabs
Summary: With help from the FBI, Abdul (Don Novello) and clan attempt a sting operation on a local congressman (Tom Davis).

Recurring Characters: Abdul Asad, Mudhad Asad, Fatima Asad, Granny, Miss Hathaway.

Marianne Faithfull performs "Broken English"

Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Bill Murray
Summary: Bill Murray delivers a commentary about the benefits of drafting women into war. Bill Murray sings "Happy Birthday" to busts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


You Can't Win!

Speaking of Fashion ...and other things

Recurring Characters: Mr. Blackwell.

Marianne Faithfull performs "Guilt"

Schiller's Reel
Summary: An in-depth profile of "Linden Palmer, Hollywood's Forgotten Director".

The Talking Letter
Summary: Somewhere on the coast of Honduras, a tourist (Jane Curtin) records an audiotape account of her vacation to send home to Mother (Laraine Newman).

Chevy Chase performs "16 Tons"


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