Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 6: Episode 4

80d: Jamie Lee Curtis / James Brown, Ellen Shipley

A Message From The Mean Majority

.....Denny Dillon
.....Gail Matthius
.....Charles Rocket

[Open on Denny Dillon, Gail Matthius, and Charles Rocket standing behind a gray curtain with angry faces and arms crossed over their chests]

Denny Dillon: [nastily] Hello. Were speaking to you on behalf of an organization of decent, moral Americans.

Gail Matthius: Were the folks who listen to the preachers on television to vote conservative. We did, and we won. So, listen up, losers!

Charles Rocket: [snidely]: So, who are we?

Denny Dillon: Were The Mean Majority. Were very, very mean.

Gail Matthius: Who are we mean to? Just about everybody.

Charles Rocket: We believe that the vast majority of Americans in their hearts are just like us - mean! [a scroll at the bottom of the screen crawls from right to left with the following list of the "vast majority of Americans": NEGROES, HOMOSEXUALS, COMMUNISTS, INTELLECTUALS, JEWS, INTELLECTUAL JEWS, NEGRO COMMUNISTS, COMMUNIST HOMOSEXUAL JEWS]: And these last twenty years of civil rights was just an attempt to be nice.

Gail Matthius: Those days are over!

Denny Dillon: And you know who told us so? [points skyward] Hes like us mean!

Charles Rocket: He told us to tell you, the television viewers of America, that there are certain TV shows you are not to watch, so you better not! The television shows are...

[SUPER: "Sex In A Condo"]

Denny Dillon: Sex In A Condo.

[SUPER: "Wet T-Shirt Party"]

Charles Rocket: Wet T-Shirt Party.

[SUPER: "Lets Spit On The Flag"]

Gail Matthius: Lets Spit On The Flag.

Denny Dillon: And theres another one. I cant remember the name, but its live.

Charles Rocket: Its from New York.

Gail Matthius: Its Saturday Night.

[All three of them smile as we dissolve on opening credits of SNL]

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