Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 5

81e: Lauren Hutton / Rick James & The Stone City Band


.....Lauren Hutton
Husband.....Tim Kazurinsky

[ open on Lauren Hutton lounging inside her bathtub ]

Lauren Hutton: Hi. I'm Lauren Hutton. And I believe in pampering myself, giving my body the special care it deserves. What's my secret to softer and younger-looking skin? [ whsipering ] Let me "whisper" it to you. [ she holds up product ] New Whisper is a balanced blend of soothing herbs, rich emulants, and creamy moisturizers with a scent of... [ she sniffs the bubbles ] alpine flowers. But... Whisper does a LOT more than just keep my skin looking dewy-soft. [ she lifts a glass from under the bubbles ] It gets my glassware virtually SPOTLESS! Its powerful emulsifying agents cut through grease to get my dishes SPARKING clean! [ she lifts up a china dish ] You know how tough those tuna casseroles can get. [ she lifts up a casserole dish ] With Whisper, baked-on food just WIPES away! [ she sponges the casserole residue off of the dish ] Whether it's this morning's sausage and eggs -- [ she lifts a frying pan ] or the burnt remains of last night's pot roast -- [ she lifts a pot ] or, even... [ she struggles to lift an item ] even Sparky's bowl! [ she lifts a dog dish ] Whisper keeps me AND my dishes squeaky-clean!

[ Hutton's husband enters carrying a tray of utensils ]

Husband: Honey, you forgot the silverware!

Lauren Hutton: Oh!

[ he dumps the silverware and tray into the bathwater, then proceeds to wipe them clean ]

Lauren Hutton: New Whisper. It's like taking a bath in your sink!

[ she joins him in cleaning the silverware by hand ]

[ fade ]

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