Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 15

81o: Blythe Danner / Rickie Lee Jones

Lorne Greene For Alpo

Lorne Greene.....Joe Piscopo

[ open on Lorne Greene sitting on the floor petting his dog ]

Lorne Greene: Hi. I'm Lorne Greene. And this is my pal, All-Star. You know, All-Star's 17 years old - that's 114 to you and me. You know why she looks so young and healthy? Bwcause All-Star is an Alpo dog. Alpo is 100% meat and meat by-products, and not a speck of cereal. Alpo keeps your dog happy, healthy and frisky. Isn't that right, All-Star, huh?

[ Lorne Greene pets All-Star again, but the dog begins to growl and attack him ]

Lorne Greene: Help! Whoa!

[ the dog ocntinues to corner Lorne Green against the wall ]

[ SUPER: "Lorne Greene. The meat dogs love." ]

Announcer: Lorne Greene. The meat dogs love.

SNL Transcripts

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