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  Season 7: Episode 16

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April 10th, 1982

Daniel J. Travanti

John Cougar


Neil Levy

Andy Murphy

Susan St. James

Dave Wilson

Akira Yoshimura

Bruce Weitz

Cooking With Marcello


Daniel J. Travanti's Monologue

Whiners Anniversary
Recurring Characters: Doug Whiner, Wendy Whiner.

Everybody Does Merman
Recurring Characters: Rod Serling.

Larry the Lobster: Voting So Far

John Cougar performs "Hurts So Good"

SNL Newsbreak with Brian Doyle-Murray

Hill Street Blues

Larry the Lobster: Larry's Story

Bavarian Butterfly Dance
Summary: In a film by Josef Sedelmaier, a dance troupe performs the Bavarian Butterfly Dance.

Career Corner
Summary: Burt Wedermeyer (Tim Kazurinsky) interviews the Tooth Fairy (Eddie Murphy), who's fed up with his career and is ready for a change.


Larry the Lobster: If Larry Lives

Reagan Brand Economics
Summary: President Ronald Reagan (Joe Piscopo) sells a poor couple (Tony Rosato, Christine Ebersole) on his economics program that's served with no human compassion whatsoever.

Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan.


John Cougar performs "Ain't Even Done With The Night"

Larry the Lobster: The Final Vote


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