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  Season 7: Episode 19

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May 15th, 1982

Danny DeVito


Andy Kaufman

Christopher Lloyd

Marilu Henner

Tony Danza

Judd Hirsch

Yvonne Hudson

Neil Levy

Jerry Lawler

Julia DeVito

Andy Kaufman Teaser


Danny DeVito's Monologue
Summary: After announcing that ABC has abruptly cancelled "Taxi" for low ratings, Danny DeVito brings out the cast so they can make their final bow.

Also Hosted: 83b, 87f, 88g, 92j, 99h.

Note: HBO wanted to acquire "Taxi" and produce new episodes on its cable station, but NBC secured the rights first and placed it on the same night and time slot it had at ABC. It was scheduled back-to-back with new sitcom "Cheers"; both shows had been created by the Charles-Burrows-Charles team. "Taxi" again finished that season with low ratings and was cancelled once and for all.


Summary: Louie DePalma (Danny DeVito) drives a cab to ABC's headquarters and detonates the building with a bomb.


The Whiners
Summary: Doug (Joe Piscopo) and Wendy Whiner (Robin Duke) annoy a fellow passenger (Danny DeVito) while preparing for a flight aboard an airplane.

Recurring Characters: Doug Whiner, Wendy Whiner.


Executive Stress Test
Summary: Just as he receives a great promotion at work, Bob Hoskins (Danny DeVito) finds himself stressed out over a series of events that appear to be out of his control.


Sparks performs "Mickey Mouse"

SNL Newsbreak with Brian Doyle-Murray
Recurring Characters: Dr. Jack Badofsky, Lou Grant.


Solomon & Pudge
Recurring Characters: Solomon, Pudge.

Enzo Mouthwash
Recurring Characters: Ozzy Osbourne.

America is Turning Gay
Summary: Spoofing Dr. Pepper's "Be A Pepper" and "America's Turning 7-Up" jingles, Americans dance in the streets to celebrate their sudden openness in being gay.

Note: Repeat from 81o.

Table Talk
Summary: Tony Rosato demonstrates how to skillfully order wine without being taken for a chump by the Steward (Nate Herman).


No More Wrestling
Summary: Brian Doyle-Murray interviews Andy Kaufman about his recent match with professional wrestler Jerry Lawler.


Looks at Books

Sparks performs "I Predict"


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