Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 19

81s: Danny DeVito / Sparks

"Taxi" Finale

Louie DePalma.....Danny DeVito

[ Music Open: "Taxi Theme" ]

[ open on taxi cab driving across Brooklyn Bridge, facing camera ]

[ camera pans left to view New York City skyline behind bridge ]

[ dissolve to camera looking out front window of cab, to view the street ]

[ camera pans right to show ABC Building coming into view ]

[ cab slows down; ABC symbol statue positioned outside passenger window ]

[ fade to black ]

[ open on medium shot, cab passenger door open, Louie DePalma sitting in agony ]

[ face straining, Louie looks towards ABC building and shakes his head, trying to convince himself not to do what he had planned ]

[ his mind made up, Louie picks up a remote control device and slams his finger against the button ]

[ cut to side of ABC Building being torn apart by explosion caused by Louie ]

[ cut to close-up, Louie, smiling maliciously ]

[ screen shifts to medium shot, Louie stands up, raises leg and extends arm in typical Louie DePalma victory stance ]

[ scene freezes, fades to black ]

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