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  Season 8: Episode 7

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November 20th, 1982

Drew Barrymore



Ed Asner

Drew's Dressing Room


Drew Barrymore's Monologue

The Web
Summary: The home protection alarm that keeps burglars in their house so they can't get into yours.

Note: Repeat from 10/02/82.

Gertie Kills E.T.

Andy Kaufman Phone-In Contest I

The Whiners Adopt
Recurring Characters: Doug Whiner, Wendy Whiner.

Squeeze performs "Annie Get Your Gun"

Andy Kaufman Phone-In Contest II

Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

Mr. Blunt

Tim Kazurinsky Babysits Drew

My Friend Zeus

Squeeze performs "Pulling Mussels From A Shell"

Robin Duke's Biological Clock

Andy Kaufman Phone-In Contest Final Count


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