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  Season 8: Episode 8

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December 4th, 1982

Tom Smothers

Dick Smothers

Laura Branigan


Laurence K. Grossman

The Tonight Show
Recurring Characters: Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Bill Cosby.


Tom & Dick Smothers' Monologue
Also Hosted: 83g.

Thank You, Ron Reagan
Note: Repeat from 10/30/82.

James on the Ledge
Recurring Characters: Mr. Blunt.

Safe Sex PSA

"If you were a homosexual, who would you find attractive?"

Truck Driving Women

Broke TV Tensions

Saturday Night News with Brad Hall
Recurring Characters: Ted Kennedy, Havnagootiim Vishnuuerheer.

Laura Branigan performs "Gloria"

Solomon & Pudge
Recurring Characters: Solomon, Pudge.

Dick's Magic Act

The Inside Story

Handsome Men With Big Noses

Laura Branigan performs "Living a Lie"


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