Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt.....Julia Louis-Dreyfus

[FADE IN on Julia-Louis Dreyfus dressed and posing like Linda Ronstadt. The words, “What’s New--Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra” frame the shot, exactly like Ronstadt’s album of the same name. The background music to the title track plays, and Julia begins to sing live.]

Linda Ronstadt: [singing]
“What’s new?
How is the world treating you?
I made the big bucks fast,
Since I have learned to rip off the past.

“What’s new?
In four years, I’ll be 42,
And music’s just a game,
A silly riddle, Nelson’s his name.

[Julia sits up]

Linda Ronstadt: [singing]
“What’s old?
Records I make turn to gold,
And though the income’s grand,
The songs I sing, I don’t understand,
Thank God for the band.

“What’s next?
This old backup singer’s perplexed.
[coyly] I sing old songs for you,
‘Cause I can’t do what’s new!”

[ZOOM back to show Julia leaning back and posing as before, and then the same album frame appears around the shot.]

Thanks to Joe Cornfield for this transcript!

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