Buckwheat's Still Alive

Alfalfa.....Mary Gross
Buckwheat.....Eddie Murphy

[Opens on Alfalfa sitting in a chair reading the newspaper]

Alfalfa: And then Mr. Dithers says "Dagwood, you should've been in the office at 9 am!" and Dagwood says, "Why, what did I miss?" [Laughs] That's good! I love Blondie! Well, I think I'll turn to the sports and see how the Giants are doing. I sure hope they gained the wildcard spot. My oh my, what a huge crowd scene… [Suddenly stares at the paper in shock] But, it can't be! That's impossible! [Takes a magnifying glass and takes a closer look at the photo, which reveals Buckwheat sitting in the crowd] It just can't be! But he died! He died two years ago! I saw it with my own eyes!

[Dissolves to flashback footage of Buckwheat walking through a cheering crowd]

Buckwheat: No audogafs, please, please! I wud you! I wud you! I wud you! [Someone in the crowd shouts Buckwheat's name] Yes? [Shots ring out, Buckwheat has been shot]

[Dissolves back to Alfalfa]

Alfalfa: It's him alrighty, he's alive! Buckwheat is alive!

[SUPER: To Be Continued]

[Dissolves to the 1984-1985 opening montage without saying, "Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night!"]

Thanks to Larry Petit for this transcript!

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