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  Season 18: Episode 15

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March 13th, 1993

John Goodman

Mary J. Blige


The Bravados

Andy Murphy

Richmeister in Waco
Summary: Self-proclaimed Messiah David Koresh (Mike Myers) will enforce God's will in Waco, Texas, but first must contend with his copy guy, Richard Laymer (Rob Schneider).

Recurring Characters: Richard Laymer.



John Goodman's Monologue
Summary: With backing vocals from 60's group The Bravados, John Goodman sings their classic hit "So Much In Love."


Wilson Countersink Flanges
Summary: The technical jargon is self-explanatory.


Bear and The Brain
Summary: In high school, Bear (John Goodman) acted as bodyguard for the Brain (David Spade). But when Bear visits the Brain in college, he finds that Ox (Chris Farley) is the new protector in town.

Let's Talk and Talk and Talk About the Movies
Summary: Mabel Blaster (Julia Sweeney) interviews Jeremy Hoffman (John Goodman), the producer of a series of sequels to the sci-fi classic "Soylent Green."

Recurring Characters: Charlton Heston.


Deep Thoughts
Summary: Jack Handey expresses his annoyance for cheap people.


Mary J. Blige performs "Reminisce"

Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon
Recurring Characters: Buster Jenkins.

How'd You Do That?
Recurring Characters: Linda Richman.

Linda Richman's Cruise
Recurring Characters: Linda Richman.

Block Party
Recurring Characters: Mr. Henry, Canteen Boy.

Mary J. Blige performs "Sweet Thing"

Turkish Storekeeper

Deep Thoughts
Summary: Jack Handey compares wise men to stupid men.


To Be Sure, It's Time to Rock!

The Man Without A Shout


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