Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 21: Episode 3

95c: David Schwimmer / Natalie Merchant


.....David Schwimmer

[ Cheri Oteri stands bashfully next to David Schwimmer, who's holding a jar with a few dollar bills inside of it ]

David Schwimmer: So, uh.. Cheri made a little mistake earlier tonight. [ cast members laugh ] Cheri, you know the rules. [ turns the jar around to reveal it has "Swear Jar" written on it; Cheri drops a dollar into it ] Alright. [ Cheri covers her mouth and mimes zipping her lips ] Special thanks to Gary Coleman - Barry Williams - Jimmy Walker - Lisa Kudrow - Jennifer Aniston - and Natalie Merchant! [ places the Swear Jar on the floor ] Thanks, everyone! Good night!

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