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  Season 21: Episode 15

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March 16th, 1996

John Goodman



Lorne Michaels

Elle MacPherson

Kurt Loder

Andy Murphy

Summary: Chris Darden (Tim Meadows) recalls an affair he had with Marcia Clark (Nancy Walls).

Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs, Marcia Clark.


John Goodman's Monologue
Summary: Now that he's hosting SNL for the 7th time, John Goodman has the power to make the cast do anything he wants them to.


Grayson Moorhead Securities I
Summary: Arthur Grayson (Jim Downey) outlines his investment principles, including keeping a list of how much money each client has invested and to feign listening to the client.

Note: Repeat from 10/21/95.

MTV News
Summary: Kurt Loder gives a quick music news briefing.

The Real World I
Summary: Bob Dole (Norm MacDonald) won't let his younger housemates touch his peanut butter or use his favorite chair.
Recurring Characrters: Bob Dole.


The Joe Pesci Show
Summary: Joe Pesci (Jim Breuer) and a heavyset Robert DeNiro (John Goodman) assault Oscar winners.

Recurring Characters: Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, Richard Dreyfuss, Maria Tomei.

The Real World II
Summary: The younger housemates take further offense to Bob Dole's (Norm MacDonald) behavior.
Recurring Characrters: Bob Dole.


Substitute Teacher Suel Forrester
Summary: Students can't understand substitute teacher Suel Forrestor's (Chris Kattan) mangled English.

Recurring Characters: Suel Forrestor.

The Real World III
Summary: Bob Dole's (Norm MacDonald) younger housemates finally kick him out.
Recurring Characrters: Bob Dole.


Everclear performs "Santa Monica"

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald
Summary: Colin Quinn comments on St. Patrick's Day.

Fecal Matters
Summary: John Fecal (Mark McKinney) is obsessed with the discussion of fecal matter.

Grayson Moorhead Securities II
Summary: Arthur Grayson (Jim Downey) outlines more of his investment principles, including what to do if his wife cals while he's shagging his secretary.

Note: Repeat from 10/21/95.

Gary MacDonald at Work
Summary: Extremely nervous Gary MacDonald (David Koechner) free-associates amidst his company's downsizing procedures.

Recurring Characters: Gary MacDonald.

Forbes America
Summary: Steve Forbes (Mark McKinney) is the proud creator of his own personal America in a remote part of the world.

Recurring Characters: Steve Forbes.

Bill Brasky's Buddies at Holiday Inn
Summary: The drunk businessmen (Will Ferrell, David Koechner, Mark McKinney, John Goodman) further praise the mythological Bill Brasky.

Recurring Characters: Hank, Ted, Buddies.



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