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  Season 23: Episode 7

97g: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani / Sarah McLachlan


Lionel Osbourne.....Tim Meadows
.....Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

[ American flag is shown announcing the end of broadcast day ]

[ WNBC Channel official title card appear ]

V/O : That concludes our broadcast day, but first stay tuned for "Perspectives".

[ Shot of "Perspectives" set. SUPER: Perspectives ]

V/O : Fulfilling WNBCís community programming requirements, "Perspectives", with your host; Lionel Osbourne.

Lionel Osbourne : Good Morning! Itís Sunday 4:49 in the A.M, and that means itís time for "Perspectives"! Iím your host Lionel Osbourne and my guest today is running for the office of Mayor of New York City. His name is Rudolph Giuliani. Heís here to talk about his campaign and his plans for the future of the city. [ Turns to host ] Welcome to the show.

Rudolph Giuliani : Thanks Lionel, I should say that I was originally scheduled to appear on the show during my campaign, but I got a little busy.

Lionel Osbourne : Fantastic!

Rudolph Giuliani : I should also mention that the elections are over

Lionel Osbourne : Outstanding!Ö So ah, who won?

Rudolph Giuliani : I did.

Lionel Osbourne : Congratulations! [ Turns to camera ] If youíre just joining us itís 4:51 in the A.M. Youíre watching "Perspectives"! Iím your host Lionel Osbourne and, with us his the new Mayor of New York, Rudoph Giuliani. Heís here to talk about his new job and his plans for the city. [ Turns to guest, looks at his card ] Now it says here that your are running to become the 107th Mayor of New York.

Rudolph Giuliani : Well, Iím am the 107th Mayor of New-York. Actually Iíve been the 107th Mayor, for four years now.

Lionel Osbourne : Fantastic! So you must like being Mayor!

Rudolph Giuliani : Well yes, itís um, rewarding but hard work! People thought the city was unmanageable but I proved them wrong. There was the perception that this city was an unlivable drug and crime infested cesspool. I wanted to change that image.

Lionel Osbourne : Well good luck! [ Turns to camera ] If youíre just joining us itís 4:53 in the A.M. and this is "Perspectives". Iím your host Lionel Osbourne and my guest today is the new reelected Mayor of the crime and infested cesspool: New York, New York. The 107th Mayor is here to talk about his plans for the future! [ Turns to guest ] Now Rudy um, who was the 106th?

Rudolph Giuliani : That would be David Dinkins.

Lionel Osbourne : So you beat David Dinkins?

Rudolph Giuliani : Yes I did.

Lionel Osbourne : That is not fantastic.

Rudolph Giuliani : Iím sorry Lionel itís just that when I took over the job of Mayor, the city had a lot of serious problems that were left over by the previous Mayor. The cityís crime rate was high, the welfare was at a record ;level, taxes kept new businesses away, and a lot of this, you know it was due to David DinkinsÖ

Lionel Osbourne : Mm. Any other time I would say "fantastic" or "outstanding", but you just put down my good friend David Dinkins, a men who in my opinion is bothÖ fantastic and outstanding! You sir have offended me.

Rudolph Giuliani : Well Iím sorry Lionel.

Lionel Osbourne : Thatís okay [ Turns to the camera ] If youíre just joining us itís 4:57 in the A.M. Youíre watching "Perspectives". Iím your host Lionel Osbourne and my guest today is Rudolph Giuliani, the new Mayor of New-York city and, he just offended me deeply but thatís okay. [ Turns to guest ] Now Rudy it says here that you have some innovative new ideas for our city.

Rudolph Giuliani : Yes I do, Iíd begin with our educational program-- [ Ending music starts ]

Lionel Osbourne : Iím sorry weíre out of time! Thatís all the time we have on "Perspectives" and Iíd like to thank Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for stopping by. Hey maybe you could come back after the next election!

Rudolph Giuliani : I canít run again.

Lionel Osbourne : Fantastic! This has been "Perspectives" my guest next week will be Ruth Messenger who is also running for Mayor. [ Turns to guest ] Now do you know her?

Rudolph Giuliani : Not really not really.

Lionel Osbourne : All right then, this has been "Perspectives".

[ Fade out ]

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