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February 14th, 1998

Roma Downey

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot


  • Monica Lewinsky Congressional Address

    Recurring Characters: Monica Lewinsky.

  • Roma Downey's Monologue

  • Chess for Girls

    (Repeat) See: 10/04/97.

  • The Culps

    Recurring Characters: Marty Culp, Bobbie Mohan-Culp.

  • Catherine the Great

  • Martha Stewart Living

    Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.

  • Road To Nagano

  • I'm Riding My Donkey Political Talk Show

  • Monica Lewinsky's Answering Machine I

  • Weekend Update with Colin Quinn

  • Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot performs "Sock It 2 Me" & "Beep Me 911"

  • Fran

  • Monica Lewinsky's Answering Machine II

  • The Ladies Man
    Recurring Characters: Leon Phelps.

  • TV Funhouse

  • Lou's Lovely Daughters

  • Monica Lewinsky's Answering Machine III

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