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  Season 25: Episode 3

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October 23rd, 1999

Norm MacDonald

Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg



Giuliani's World Series Bets
Summary: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (Darrell Hammond) announces the high-stakes bets he made with the mayor of Atlanta.

Recurring Characters: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.



Norm MacDonald's Monologue
Summary: Suddenly popular Norm Macdonald lets the audience know that he's not funnier, it's just that SNL has gotten worse.


Martha Stewart: The Commodity
Summary: Martha Stewart (Ana Gasteyer) announces that she's living it up ever since her IPO became a stock market success.

Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.


Great Moments in Yankee History
Summary: Sarcastic Lou Gehrig (MacDonald) insists that he's actually the unluckiest man on the face of the earth.


Celebrity Jeopardy!
Summary: Bert Reynolds, AKA Turd Ferguson (Macdonald), returns for more hijinks on Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell), and Sean connery (Darrell Hammond) and French Stewart (Jimmy Fallon) are also admirable foes of the long-suffering "Jeopardy" host.

Recurring Characters: Alex Trebek, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds, French Stewart.


Summary: David Gregory (Chris Parnell) covers the subject of "How Thin Is Too Thin?"

Recurring Characters: Calista Flockhart.


Larry King's News & Views I
Summary: Larry King (Norm MacDonald) is back with more News & Views.

Recurring Characters: Larry King.


TV Funhouse
Summary: Charleton Heston and the NRA.

Larry King's News & Views II
Summary: Still more News & Views from Larry King (Norm MacDonald).

Recurring Characters: Larry King.


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn
Summary: Millennium highlights focus on events that never happened. Marla Maples (Cheri Oteri) regrets the mistake of turning 26, thus ending her sexual exploit potential.

Recurring Characters: Marla Maples.


Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg perform "Still D.R.E."
Also Appeared: 96d.

Tooth Brushers
Summary: A dentist (Norm MacDonald) and his wife (Cheri Oteri) argue while distributing candy on their doorstep.

Michael Jackson In A Bar
Summary: Michael Jackson (Tim Meadows) tells his woes to his bartender (Norm MacDonald).

Recurring Characters: Michael Jackson.

Dr. Dre & Eminem perform "Forgot About Dre"

Inside The Actors Studio
Summary: Clint Eastwood (Norm MacDonald) gives James Lipton (Will Ferrell) a hard time during their interview.

Recurring Characters: James Lipton.


Chess For Girls
Summary: Because Chess is traditionally a boring boys' game, Mattel has femmed it up for the opposite sex with dolls, dresses, and bubbles.

Note: Repeat from 12/06/97.


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