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  Season 25: Episode 6

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November 20th, 1999

November 20th, 1999



John Carpenter

Cheb Mami

Donald Trump's Address
Summary: Announcing his bid for President, Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) names "Who Wants to be a millionaire?" winner John Carpenter as his running-mate.

Recurring Characters: Donald Trump.


Jennifer Aniston's Monologue
Summary: Jennifer Aniston didn't bring boyfriend Brad Pitt with her this time around, but she does initiate her own version of "Fight Club" with the female cast members.


Pretty Living
Recurring Characters: Helen Madden, Gayle Gleason.

Nick Burns, Your Company Computer Guy
Summary: Computer tech Nick Burns (Jimmy Fallon) makes fun of his company's dumb employees.

Recurring Characters: Nick Burns.


Wayne Porter
Summary: Island castaway Wayne Porter (Chris Parnell) seeks re-election.

Summary: While at a business meeting, Angela (Jennifer Aniston) breaks the fourth wall to talk about genital herpes.

Sex and the City
Summary: Carrie Bradshaw (Jennifer Aniston) tries to seduce Mr. Peepers (Chris Kattan).

Recurring Characters: Mr. Peepers.

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn
Summary: George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) reads a few lines from his biography. Colin Quinn and Tracy morgan engage in a subliminal race debate.

Recurring Characters: George W. Bush.


Sting performs "Brand New Day"

Christmas Urchins
Summary: Urchins-for-hire, Peter (Jennifer Aniston) and Pip (Rachel Dratch) beg to their renters' delights.

Kim Plunkett
Summary: Kim Plunkett (Will Ferrell) runs again Wayne Porter for island leader.

Pokemon Parents
Summary: Mother (Jennifer Aniston) yells at her son for not caving in to the Pokemon fad.


Sting & Cheb Mami perform "Desert Rose"

Roberta's Thanksgiving
Recurring Characters: Roberta.



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