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  Season 25: Episode 9

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January 8th, 2000

Jamie Foxx



Ryan Shiraki

John Goodman

Lorne Michaels

Hillary's Departure
Summary: President Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) is more interested in talking to Vladmir Putin (Will Ferrell) over the phone than in bidding newly-elected senator Hillary (Ana Gasteyer) goodbye.

Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.



Jamie Foxx's Monologue
Summary: Oliver Stone (Will Ferrell) interrupts Jamie Foxx's monologue to direct him through it.

Recurring Characters: Al Pacino.

Hamburger Helper Antibacterial

Puff & Jennifer in Therapy
Summary: Jennifer Lopez (Cheri Oteri) and Puff Daddy (Jamie Foxx) try to salvage their relationship with a therapy session.

Recurring Characters: Puff Daddy, Jennifer Lopez.


Blackjack's Bitch
Summary: In the middle of the night, prison inmate Aaron (Will Ferrell) wants reassurance that he's still Blackjack's (Jamie Foxx) bitch.


A Special Message From John Goodman
Summary: Despite Linda Tripp's recent weight loss, John Goodman vows to continue doing his usual impression of her.


Nick Burns, Your Company Computer Guy
Summary: Nick Burns (Jimmy Fallon) faces a spaghetti western-style showdown with employee Andy (Jamie Foxx).

Recurring Characters: Nick Burns.


Tracy Confronts Jamie
Summary: Tracy Morgan is pleased that black actor Jamie Foxx is hosting this week's show.

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn
Recurring Characters: Stevie Wonder, Jasper Hahn.

Blink-182 performs "All The Small Things"

It's Showtime At The Apollo!
Recurring Characters: Steve Harvey.

Stereotypically Jeffrey
Summary: Chet (Horatio Sanz) takes the heat for only noticing that new employee Jeffrey (Tracy Morgan) is black.


Blink-182 performs "What's My Age Again?"

A Martin Luther King Day Moment
Recurring Characters: Martin Luther King, Jr.


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