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  Amy Poehler : Cast Member

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Recurring Characters & Impressions
  • White Trash Wife:
  • 01d 01k 01q

  • One-Legged Amber:
  • 01m 01t 02d 03t 04t 07e

  • Sharon Osbourne:
  • 01r 02g 03b 03j 03m 04s 07b

  • Britney Spears:
  • 02a 06e

  • Kelly Ripa:
  • 02j 02n 02s 03d 03p 06r

  • Michael Jackson:
  • 02l 03g 03j 04m

  • Avril Lavigne:
  • 02o 03r

  • Madonna:
  • 02r 03j 03l

  • Paula Abdul:
  • 02s 04k 04r 06l 06s

  • Zoe Anderton, Spy Glass:
  • 03d 03l 04j 04p

  • Hillary Clinton:
  • 03h 05k 05l 06k 07a 07e 07f 07g

    07i 07j 07k 07l

  • Paparazzi Photographer:
  • 03i 03t

  • Dennis Kucinich:
  • 03i 06s 07d

  • Netti Bo Dance:
  • 03i 03o 03s 04e 04t 05i 05n

  • Sharon Stone:
  • 03k 04b 04l 05a 05c 05o

  • Kaitlin:
  • 03r 04d 04j 04q 05b 05q 06s

  • Weekend Update Co-anchor:
  • 04a 04b 04c 04d 04e 04f 04g 04h

    04i 04j 04k 04l 04m 04n 04o 04p

    04q 04r 04s 04t 05a 05b 05c 05d

    05e 05f 05g 05h 05i 05j 05k 05l

    05m 05n 05o 05p 05q 05r 05s 06a

    06b 06c 06d 06e 06f 06g 06h 06i

    06j 06k 06l 06m 06n 06o 06p 06q

    06r 06s 06t 07a 07b 07c 07d 07e

    07f 07g 07h 07i 07j

  • Sally Needler:
  • 04r 05a 05f 05m

  • Kim Jong Il:
  • 06a 06c

  • Nancy Grace:
  • 06b 06g 06i 06q

  • Betty Caruso, Bronx Beat:
  • 06j 06m 06p 06t 07d

  • Dakota Fanning:
  • 06l 06q 07a 07f

    Other Notable Sketches
  • My Girlfriend the Porn Star

  • e.p.t. Home Pregnancy Test

  • Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse

  • Swiffer Sleepers

  • The Bush Twins

  • Rice Confirmation Hearing

  • Farrah Fawcett for Ocean Save

  • Couples Therapy

  • Fierce: The Hot Mess Make-Over Show

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