SNL Transcripts: Charlize Theron: 11/04/00: A Glimpse Of Our Possible Future III

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  Season 26: Episode 4

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00d: Charlize Theron / Paul Simon

A Glimpse Of Our Possible Future III

President Ralph Nader…..Jimmy Fallon
Devil…..Chris Parnell

[ open on Scenario III ]

Announcer: And now a Message From the President of the United States: Ralph Nader.

[ open on the Oval Office ]

President Ralph Nader: [ eye twitching ] Good evening, my fellow Americans. My great pleasure to address you at this time about unparalleled national stability and prosperity. My promise to dissolve a corporate political structure has resulted in great opportunities for all.

[ flying pigs suddenly pass over Ralph’s desk ]

Citizen groups, individual thinkers, have generated a tremendous capitol of ideas, information, and solutions tothe point of unprecedented surplus.

[ a pair of shivering devils stand next to Ralph’s desk ]

Our infrastructure has been rebuilt, the number of children in poverty has decreased, and we have a nation under an unshapely stable leadership, moving boldly to the future. Thank you all, and good night.

Devil: Hey, Ralph!

President Ralph Nader: Hello Devil.

Announcer: This has been a Message from President Ralph Nader.

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