SNL Transcripts: Val Kilmer: 12/09/00


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December 9th, 2000

Val Kilmer



U2, “Elevation”

  • A Message From the Vice-President of the United States

    Al Gore (Darrell Hammond) continues to gripe about losing the Electoral Vote.

    Recurring Characters: Al Gore.

  • Val Kilmer’s Monologue

    Clarence (Darrell Hammond) shows Kilmer effects of show if he didn’t host.

  • Wade Blasingame: Attorney-At-Law

    Blasingame (Will Ferrell) is in favor of suing dogs.

  • Behind The Music: Rock & Roll Heaven

    In Heaven, Jim Morrison (Kilmer) forms The Great Frog Society.

    Recurring Characters: Jesus.

  • Palm Beach

    Soap opera setting examines the vote confusion in Palm Beach, Florida.

    Recurring Characters: George W. Bush, Al Gore, Katherine Harris.

  • Veronica & Co.

    Runway model Veronica (Molly Shannon) hosts talk show.

    Recurring Characters: Veronica.

  • U2 performs “Beautiful Day”

  • Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey

    Jimmy Fallon says “I Have An Opinion” about voter confusion.

    Jesse Jackson (Darrell Hammond) & Al Sharpton (Jerry Minor) on voter confusion.

    Recurring Characters: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton.

  • Iceman: The Later Years

    Years later, Iceman (Kilmer) is still living in the past.

  • Seasons Greetings From “Saturday Night Live”

    Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan perform Christmas ditty.

  • U2 performs “Elevation”

  • Margaret Healey

    Margaret (Molly Shannon) does strange voices for blind date (Kilmer).

    Recurring Characters: Margaret Healey.

  • Burt Bacharach

    Bacharach (Kilmer) raves about Tyson Brothers (Will Ferrell, Chris Parnell).

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