SNL Transcripts: Charlie Sheen: 01/13/01


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January 13th, 2001

Charlie Sheen

Nelly Furtado


Nelly Furtado, “I’m Like A Bird”

  • A Message From the Vice-President Elect

    Dick Cheney (Darrell Hammond) discusses his recent heart attack.

    Recurring Characters: Dick Cheney.

  • Charlie Sheen’s Monologue

    Sheen endures audience questions about following his dad’s TV footsteps.

  • Fox Promos

    New reality-TV programs: “Herpes Island”, “Temptation Trailer” and “The Cannibal”.

  • The Iron Chef

    American Bachelor Chef (Sheen) offers competetion.

  • Eric Dickerson’s NFL Pregame Special

    More non-sensical sports coverage, courtesy of ABC Sports.

  • The Culps

    Marty & Bobbie perform a civil rights medley at a Martin Luther King Day assembly.

    Recurring Characters: Marty Culp, Bobbie Mohan-Culp.

  • Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey

    Katherine Harris (Ana Gasteyer) delivers payback to her critics.

    Jimmy Fallon reviews Clinton’s Farewell Tour.

    Chris Kattan gives a terrible re-enactment of Prince Charles falling off his horse.

    Marta Mercado (Maya Rudolph) discusses treatment from employer Linda Chavez.

    Recurring Characters: Katherine Harris.

  • Nelly Furtado performs “I’m Like A Bird”

  • Patsy Marsh

    “As The World Turns” actress (Molly Shannon) overdoes her scene.

  • Ted Brogan

    Woman (Maya Rudolph) gives birth to 37-year-old man (Will Ferrell).

  • T.G.I. Friday’s

    Rude waiter (Chris Kattan) is son of T.G.I. Friday (Will Ferrell).

  • “The Pervert”, Film by Adam McKay

  • Classic Vaudeville with Charles & Fleisy

    Sheen and Heidi Fleiss (Rachel Dratch) deliver adult version of “Who’s In First?”

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