Gatorade Love Bucket

Gatorade Love Bucket

[ open on Superbowl highlights ]

Announcer: Superbowl. The thrill of victory.

[ show Head Coach gtting doused with Gatorade ]

From the makers of Gatorade comes the Gatorade Love Bucket.

[ show Bride and Groom having their pictures taken after wedding ]

Nothing says “I Love You” like a bucket of Gatorade.

[ Groom grabs a Gatorade Love Bucket and douses his Bride – she laughs ]

The Gatorade Love Bucket is one of the most cherished ways to say “I Love You.”

[ show Eldery Woman with walker approach huge birthday cake lined with candles. Her two Grandsons each pour a Gatorade Love Bucket over her head, smudging the cake. They high-five one another ]

The Gatorade Love Bucket. Go ahead, dunk one on somebody you love!

[ show Parents applauding Son’s play, as Teacher runs onstage and dumps a Gatorade Love Bucket over the kid’s head ]

The Gatorade Love Bucket. It’s a bucket of love!

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