Fenced-In Area

01f: Billy Bob Thornton / Creed

Fenced-In Area

Travis…..Billy Bob Thornton
Neighbor…..Will Ferrell
Brother…..Seth Meyers
Wife…..Maya Rudolph
Momma…..Ana Gasteyer
Pastor Moore…..Chris Kattan

[ open on exterior shot of farmhouse ] [ dissolve to Travis holding a beer and staring at a fenced-in area of his yard, as his neighbor enters his yard ]

Travis: Hey.

Neighbor: Hey. [ a beat ] What’s going on with your fenced-in area?

Travis: [ thinking ] Well.. I fenced it in. Now I’m gonna do something with it. I’m thinking I might put in a basketball court or a pool.

Neighbor: This fenced-in area is not big enough for a pool.

Travis: [ thinking ] You know, maybe you’re right. Maybe I’ll get me a rottweiler, put it in there.

Neighbor: You can’t jam a rottweiler into your iny fenced-in area. How long has it been since you put in your fenced-in area?

Travis: Oh, eighteen months, thereabouts.

Neighbor: [ surprised ] Really? Has it been that long?

Travis: Yeah, you know that.

Neighbor: [ thinking ] I know. Why don’t you stack those tires in there?

Travis: [ put off ] I’m not gonna stack those tires in there!

Neighbor: Lord, I’m just trying to help.

Travis: [ peeved ] Well, leave it alone! What do you mean, coming in a man’s yard, telling him what to do about his own fenced-in area!

Neighbor: Well, you’re never gonna do anything with it.

Travis: You shut your mouth!

Neighbor: You know, what, I liked you better before you had your fenced-in area!

Travis: Well, you get the hell out of my yard, then!

Neighbor: Fine, then! [ exits yard ] [ Brother enters from back porch ]

Brother: Hey.

Travis: Hey, little brother.

Brother: I figured you’d be back here by the fenced-in area.

Travis: Yup.

Brother: How’s it coming?

Travis: [ semi-confident ] I’m thinking about storing my lawnmower in there. Maybe some tools.

Brother: But don’t you already keep those things in the shed.

Travis: [ slightly peeved ] What?

Brother: Sorry. [ pause ] Hey, I’m gonna go drink some beers, and then go key Jeff Turner’s three-wheeler! You wanna come?

Travis: No, I think I’m just gonna.. mess around here by my fenced-in area.

Brother: Alright. [ turns away ] Hey, bro? I miss you. [ exits ]

Wife: [ enters from back porch ] Honey, come inside!

Travis: I’ll be in in a minute.

Wife: Honey, you promised me you were gonna make something with that fenced-in area!

Travis: Can’t you see I’m trying?!

Wife: No! You just drink beer and stare at it! I told you, it was either me, or the fenced-in area, and you chose the fenced-in area! Now, I am moving to Myrtle Beach to make my t-shirts! Have a nice life! [ exits to interior porch area ]

Travis: You just don’t understand! You’ll be back! [ to himself ] You’ll be back, alright..

[ dissolve to exterior shot of farmhouse ] [ dissolve to Travis standing over his fenced-in area as Momma enters from back porch ]

Momma: Son, I’m so sorry Amy left you. I made you a green bean casserole.

Travis: [ somber ] Thank you, Momma.

Momma: Travis? Honey? Please. This fenced-in area is ruining your life! Just admit it, you’re never gonna do anything with it!

Travis: You don’t believe in me, Momma! You think I’m a failure!

Momma: No, I think your fenced-in area is a failure!

Travis: Same thing! [ Pastor Moore enters from the back porch ] Pastor Moore? What’s he doing here?

Momma: I thought you might need somebody to talk to.

Pastor Moore: I was thinking you might want to stop by the church. We could talk about the fenced-in area. If you want.

[ reflective banjo music pots up ]

Travis: I think there’s something I need to make clear about my fenced-in area. You see.. everybody in Gilbert County’s got a damn fenced-in area that’s cluttered with crap and brown weeds invading them like a cancer! Well, see, I’m better than that. I’m gonna make my fenced-in area an area that’s neat and special, with a special purpose. And then all the nayayers will have to say, “Dammit! He really did something with his fenced-in area, and now I feel inspired to clean up my own fenced-in area!” And others will see my fenced-in area, and inspiration will go on and on and on, from person to person, just like that! [ reflective pause ] I want my fenced-in area to be an inspiration. And.. if y’all an’t understand that.. then I was born in the wrong world.

Momma: Oh, my God, honey! I’m so proud of you!

Pastor Moore: God bless you.. and your fenced-in area. We’ll let you get back to work.

[ Momma and Pastor Moore back away as the camera zooms out to fade ]

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