Mick Jagger’s Dressing Room

01h: Hugh Jackman / Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger’s Dressing Room

…..Mick Jagger
Reflection…..Jimmy Fallon

[ Mick Jagger enters his dressing room and sits in front of the mirror ]Mick Jagger: Here we are at “Saturday Night Live” again, I mean what more can I do? I did it in the 70’s, I did it in the 80’s, I did it in the 90’s, and now I’m doing it in.. whatever you call this decade. I mean, think! Think!

[ stares at his reflection, which mirrors back at him in response ]

Reflection: Come on, Mick, we can do this! Right? Yeah!

Mick Jagger: That’s not the point, I mean.. I’ve done this! That’s the point. I’ve done this.

Reflection: What were you planning on doing?

Mick Jagger: Well.. I was gonna come out, and I was gonna, like.. [ motions back and forth with his reflection ] And, then.. I was gonna do, maybe, like.. [ shakes his hands back and forth ]

Reflection: Alright, pretty good, yeah, right.

Mick Jagger: And, then, a thing that the Stones like, punching the air, like.. [ demonstrates punching the air ]

Reflection: Yeah, well, what else you got?

Mick Jagger: Uh, well.. pointing fingers! We do Pointing fingers.

Reflection: Yeah, what is pointing fingers?

Mick Jagger: You know, like.. [ points his fingers at reflection ] ..”I’m pointing my fingers! I’m point my fingers at you!”

Reflection: That’s good, right! A little sta-ile.

Mick Jagger: Sta-ile? [ laughs ] Pointing fingers is what I’ve got going on now! Pointing fingers is today!

Reflection: Oh no, sta-ile! I meant, sta-ile, not great. Sta-ile. [ drinks tea ]

Mick Jagger: What’s you got there?

Reflection: It’s tea. You want some?

Mick Jagger: Yeah! [ grabs cup through mirror, and drinks ]

Reflection: You know, I’ve got a great idea!

Mick Jagger: Get going!

Reflection: Yeah, why don’t you go out and do the Rooster? [ motions like the Rooster ]

Mick Jagger: That’s a great idea, you know, that Rooster. Yeah, why don’t you just put me in a bloody time capsule to 1969! I mean, you said the pointing fingers was sta-ile! I mean, that’s completely sta-ile!

Reflection: Alright, don’t yell at me!

Mick Jagger: I’m not yelling at you!

Reflection: You’re yelling at me!

Mick Jagger: I’m not yelling at you!

Reflection: You’re yelling at yourself! Now, look – just don’t do what you’ve done.

Mick Jagger: What? I’m not dumb! I’m not gonna do what I’ve done! I just do what I do!

Reflection: Well, do what you do. Just don’t do what you’ve done, that’s dull.

Mick Jagger: Well, I’m not gonna do that, am I? I’m just gonna do what I do, that’s what I do!

Reflection: Yeah, alright, well just do it!

Mick Jagger: Alright, then! Well, that’s done and done, then, ain’t it? By the way – you look great!

Reflection: No, no.. we look great!

Mick Jagger: Hey, let’s go over pointing fingers again.

Reflection: Okay.

Together: And I’m poi-oi-ointing my finger! I’m pointing, I’m pointing, I’m pointing at you-ou-ou-ou-ou!!

[ they shake hands as the scene fades ]

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