My Best List For 2001 by Jack Handey

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My Best List For 2001 by Jack Handey

V/O: My Best List for 2001, by Jack Handey.

Best Planet: Earth.

Best Canyon: Grand Canyon.

Best Hawaiian Dance: The Hula.

Best Flat Italian Pie: Pizza.

Best God: God.

Best Vampire: Dracula.

Best Candy Lips: Wax Lips.

Best Bee Prouct: (tie) Wax and Honey.

Best Monster: (tie) Dracula and Wax Head.

Best Parrot Name: (tie) Polly and Waxy.

Best Suey: (tie) Chop Suey and Chop Suey with Wax.

Sexiest Actor: Wax Tom Cruise.

Best Whole Ball: Whole Ball of Wax.

Best Thing of Anything: A Bat Carrying a Block of Wax.

Announcer: Jack Handey’s Best List for 2001 was made possible by generous contributions from: The National Wax Association and The Count and Countess Dracula Foundation.

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