SNL Transcripts: Jack Black: 01/19/02

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January 19th, 2002

Jack Black

The Strokes

Kyle Gass

The Strokes, “Last Night”

  • Bush Eats Pretzel

    President Bush (Will Ferrell) pretzel choke is cover-up.

    Recurring Characters: President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney.

  • Jack Black’s Monologue

    Black sings about exciting experience hosting SNL.

  • Flenderson’s

    Gift cars are meaningless without a huge bow from Flenderson’s.

  • Russell Putnam: Private Investigator

    Pothead reporter Russell Putnam (Black) solves a mystery pot cover-up.

  • Tales of Valour

    Monster (Black) prefers slutty girl over virgin (Amy Poehler) sacrifice.

  • Love-ahs

    Lovers Roger (Will Ferrell) and Virginia (Rachel Dratch) vacation at ski lodge.

    Recurring Characters: Roger Klarvin, Virginia Klarvin.

  • Friends Promo

    Sibling romance explored on the next episode of “Friends”.

  • Now That’s What Actors Call Singing!: Volume 1

    Celebrities sing awful versions of well-known pop tunes on new album.

  • Bass-Off

    Rivaling guitarists (Black, Will Ferrell) compete in a Bass-Off.

  • Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey

    Jimmy Fallon has an Opinion on..

    Amelie (Chris Kattan) visits the desk without saying a word.

    Tenacious D (Black, Kyle Gass) sing about the Hornet’s Nest.

  • The Strokes perform “Last Night”

  • America Undercover

    White trash couple (Chris Kattan, Amy Poehler) face argument over extramarital affair.

  • Happy Birthday Song

    Mental giant (Black) composes new, complex “Happy Birthday” song.

  • My Big Thick Novel

    Monkey aids prisoner in escape and prepares breakfast.

  • The Strokes perform “Hard to Explain”

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