Flenderson’s Oversized Bows


01k: Jack Black / The Strokes

Flenderson’s Oversized Bows

Wife #1…..Maya Rudolph
Husband #1…..Dean Edwards
Wife #2…..Amy Poehler
Husband #2…..Seth Meyers
Spokesman…..Darrell Hammond
Husband #3…..Jimmy Fallon
Wife #3…..Rachel Dratch

[ Wife #1 give Husband $1 a wrapped Christmas present. He opens it to discover a small model car, as she takes a Polaroid of the moment. ]

Husband #1: It’s a.. a toy?

Wife #1: You don’t like it.

Husband #1: No, no, it’s great.

Wife #1: As they say, it’s the thought that counts. [ hands him the resulting Polaroid ]

Husband #1: I know.. I know.. [ looks at the Polaroid, which shows a brand new life-sized car complete with huge bow on top. Curious, he looks outside to see the brand new car sitting there. ] Wooooww!!

V/O: When you want to give the perfect gift.

[ cut to Wife #2 surprising Husband #2 with a new car, sans huge bow ]

Wife #2: Happy birthday, honey!

Husband #2: [ disappointed ] It’s great.. thanks.

Wife #2: [ confused ] That’s it? It’s a brand new SUV.

Husband #2: Yeah. But it doesn’t have one of those huge, oversized bows on top. So I hate it.

[ cut to Flenderson’s Spokesman standing amid huge bows ]

Spokesman: When you surprise your spouse with a new car, make sure to top it off with a Flenderson’s high-quality oversized bow. If it isn’t a Flenderson’s, it’s not worth putting on the top of your new car that you give to your spouse for a gift!

[ cut to Husband #3 with his hands covering Wife #3’s eyes so she can’t see her new car with huge bow on top ]

Husband #3: Happy aniversary, honey.

V/O: Flenderson’s.

Wife #3: [ elated ] What a beautiful bow! Oh, my God!

[ cut back to Flenderson’s Spokesman standing amid huge bows ]

Spokesman: Making custom-crafted, high-quality huge bows for the tops of your new gift car since 1925!

[ cut to title card ]

Announcer: Not for use on the Ford Focus on the ’98 Geo Metro.

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