01s: Kirsten Dunst / Eminem


Son…..Will Ferrell
Daughter…..Ana Gasteyer
Granddaughter…..Amy Poehler
Grandma…..Rachel Dratch

Son: As Mom got older, we began to worry about her memory.

Daughter: When the doctor said she had Alzheimer’s, we were devestated.

Granddaughter: We didn’t want to lose Grandma.

Son: Our doctors told us about Vaxalot. It worked great.

Grandma: What did you do with my money?!

Daughter: In fact, it worked a little too well.

Grandma: Where’s my house, you thieves?!

Son: We decided we needed another option.

Grandma: Do not resucitate?! I didn’t say I did!! This is not my signature!!

Granddaughter: That’s when we discovered.. Demilon.

Daughter: Demilon works just like Vaxalot – but with half the strength. And it works the same. So she’ll never know the difference.

Son: Thanks to Demilon, Mom’s back – just the way I want her.

Grandma: I’m having lunch.. with Elenour Roosevelt! And.. Yogi Bear!

Son: Happy mother’s Day, Mom.

Announcer: Demilon. Don’t ask your doctor. Ask yourself.

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