Will Ferrell Farewell


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Will Ferrell Farewell

…..Main Cast of “Saturday Night Live”

Ana Gasteyer: I worked with Will for six years, and it was more fun than anything I’ve ever done or will probably ever do. He brought joy to everyone and everything he did. I’m going to miss him.

[ dissolve to Jimmy Fallon ]

Jimmy Fallon: It was hard for me to work with Will because every time I was in a sketch with him, he made me laugh. I probably ruined a lot of sketches, but I don’t care – I got to be on stage with Will Ferrell.

[ dissolve to Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch ]

Maya Rudolph: Performing can be scary, especially in front of a live audience. It’s a lot easier when you have a friend out there with you.

Rachel Dratch: Will Ferrell was our friend, and we’ll miss him.

[ dissolve to Darrell Hammond ]

Darrell Hammond: I loved Will Ferrell, plain and simple. I came into this place with him, and I loved being on stage with him. I’ve never worked with a more talented and kinder human being – ever.

[ dissolve to Horatio Sanz ]

Horatio Sanz: He’s the best. Uh, there will never be another Will Ferrell. There’ll be a lot of imitations, but.. um.. anyone who was around him, who was lucky enough to work with him, we know. They broke the mold with that guy.

[ dissolve to Chris Parnell ]

Chris Parnell: True story: this show fired me. Then they rehired me. First time that ever happened. Will Ferrell made that happen. How can I ever repay that? He was more than a great performer. He was my friend.

[ dissolve to Tina Fey ]

Tina Fey: I loved watching Will in a bad sketch, one that didn’t get any laughs, because he never gave up. He was the most fearless performer I’ve ever seen.

[ dissolve to Chris Kattan ]

Chris Kattan: Will’s like a brother to me. I love him, I really do. And not just because I worked with him on the show every week, and we made a movie together – those are the things I’ll cherish the rest of my life – but because he’s nice, he’s funny, and he’s my friend.

[ dissolve to Tracy Morgan ]

Tracy Morgan: [ in a different tone from the others ] I got a story! I got a interesting story about the time Will Ferrell stole my Walkman out my dressing room. He doesn’t know I know, but I know! I know a lot of stuff about Will Ferrell. Like the fact that he’s a cold, thievin’, selfish, evil dude! And don’t be thinkin’ he helped save Chris Parnell’s job, ’cause everybody around here knows he actually got Parnell fired, and tried to get his brother Patty Ferrell on the show! He smiles right up to your face, and two seconds later he go and talk behind you back to Lorne Michaels!

Here’s something – he gave a cigarette to my kid, my boy, my eight-year-old boy! That ain’t right! Will is messed up in the head! He’s cheatin’ on his wife, he’s always lookin’ to get his freak on. It’s sick! And I tell you something else – this may come as a little shock to you, but Will Ferrell hates the black man! He always has! From the moment I walked in this place, he’s been eyeing me like I’m suspicious or something! I know it! He’s not comfortable with black people, uh-uh, that’s because he’s a racist! Will Ferrell is headed for a huge fall! You’ll see! The backlash is coming, baby! It’s coming! People are gonna find out Will Ferrell is a loser!

[ Will Ferrell enters the scene ]

Will Ferrell: Tracy, Tracy..

Tracy Morgan: [ turns, changes attitude ] Heyyyy, Will.

Will Ferrell: What was that all about?

Tracy Morgan: Ain’t nothing, baby. Um.. everybody just decided to tell their stories and stuff, you know?

Will Ferrell: You mad at me about something?

Tracy Morgan: I.. I just don’t want you to go, bro’.

Will Ferrell: You know what? I.. I did steal your Walkman.

Tracy Morgan: I knew it.

Will Ferrell: And I do hate black people.

Tracy Morgan: Hey, no need to explain. How about after the show we, uh, skip the party and go straight on to the strip club. Larry and Chuckie and them is up there waiting on us.

Will Ferrell: I like the way you think.

Tracy Morgan: For a black man?

Will Ferrell: For my friend.

[ Tracy kisses Will’s cheek as they exit the scene ]

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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